About Eric Jason Brock


Eric Jason Brock (photo by N.Stephens)




I am a Cincinnati based photographer that shoots in a wide variety of photography genres…

Nature, Landscape, Wildlife, Architecture, Close-Up, Abstract, Street, Portraiture,

Glamour, Boudoir, and Fashion.  

I try to be diverse in my photography and create images of a wide variety of subjects!



I first got into photography when I was around 12 or 13 years old after, like many photographers, seeing some images by Ansel Adams.  Photography came and went from time to time as other interests took hold of me as I grew up, and as playing ice hockey started taking up more of my time.  


Through playing hockey though, I found myself presented with the opportunity of being the game photographer for the Cincinnati Cyclones Jr. hockey team.  Eventually, that form of photography started turning into more of a chore than a passion so I took a small break while my own hockey team really flourished…winning 11 championships!


I truly enjoy a lot of different kinds of photography, but I generally consider myself a “nature photographer” that also photographs people!  I’m now shooting portraiture and boudoir just as much as landscapes and nature, and in fact have been working a lot more recently helping models build their portfolios.




Images I’ve made have appeared in:

nationally and internationally published calendars,

N-Photo Magazine,

Practical Photoshop Magazine,

Popular Photography Magazine,

Advanced Photography Magazine,

Professional Photographer Magazine,

Photography Week Magazine,

Ohio Magazine,

Midwest Living Magazine,

Fuji Love Magazine,

Style & Fashion Magazine,

Natural Beauty Magazine,

Pinups And Kustoms Magazine,

Vintage Boudoir Magazine,

Pin-Up Magazine,

Guitar Player Magazine,

Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Offroad Magazine,

the Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper,

commercial advertisements,

private model portfolios,

and used by

the University of Cincinnati,

the Cincinnati Cyclones Jr. Hockey Club,

the Great Parks Of Hamilton County,

Ellie Paige Designs and Ellie Paige Bridal,

Hart Productions

and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens.  

I recently signed a Stock Contract with Futures Publishing U.K. to get more of my images out there !




I am a 1994 graduate of The Nikon School, a 1995 graduate of The New York Institute of Photographyand a 1999 graduate of the Fundamentals of Photography Program at The Great Oaks Institute of Technology.






Aside from being a photographer, I am also an ice hockey player, golfer, guitarist, drummer, Toronto Maple Leafs fan, Cincinnati Reds fan, music & movie lover, reader, and tech junkie.




Special Thanks to:

– Mom and Dad,

– my Aunts & Uncles,

– my extended family members,

– Nathan for being my “photography partner in crime”,

Kimberly Meadows for her help and encouragement,

– “The Gang”…they know who they are.




I also play guitar, drums, and some keyboards and I’m the guitarist for the band Three Across.

If you’re interested, you can check out my instrumental guitar-oriented solo EP’s I’ve recorded by clicking this image to be redirected to either download or just listen:


Processed with Snapseed.



You can also listen to my EP’s right on the My Music page here on this website by clicking














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